As part of AG way we believe that it is our duty to help people in need and give back to our community that we are coming from.

Since the birth of AG, we decided that every year we will put together some charities and social cases from Romania and Bulgaria that our participants can vote from, one from each country that we can donate some money to.

2014 Charity, 2015 Charity

2014 Charity

charity-2014-romaniaThe charity case that the Romanians chose for 2014 was a social case, a 4 year old sick boy, Stamate Ionut Cristian that suffers of cerebral palsy, spastic tetra paresis, severe psychomotor retardation and sight deficiency.

charity-2014-bulgariaThe charity case that the Bulgarians chose for 2014 was also a social case, Georgi Lazarov, a 12 year old boy who underwent surgery in 2013 to remove a brain tumor. Before the end on 2013 he had to have another surgical intervention in Turkey. Since then he had all sorts of complications and started heavy chemotherapy to normalize its status.

2015 Charity

charity-2015-romaniaThe charity case that the Romanians chose for 2015 was another social case, a 3 year old girl, Alexia Lelea, with a rare genetic disease diagnosed from birth called phenylketonuria, a disease that is caused by the lack of an enzyme in the body called phenylalanine hydroxylase, which plays an essential role in the metabolism of protein foods. In Romania there are around 900 cases diagnosed with this disease. If the child does not receive timely treatment, the disease can degenerate into serious neurological disorders (mental retardation) and other development issues. There is no other treatment than low protein diet. To ensure growth still required protein level needs a special supplement – a milk formula that contains no phenylalanine protein – called PKU. Market supplement of 500g box costs around 550Ron (£100) and I reach her age about 2 weeks.

charity-2015-bulgariaThe charity case that Bulgarians chose for 2015 is also a social case, a 2 year old boy named Christian Panayotov.

Christian Panayotov was diagnosed with cerebral palsy, a mixed form of extrapyramidal and spastic diplegia. The child receives physiotherapy, speech therapy and psychological therapy and hippo therapy, Hydrotherapy and hyperbaric oxygenation.

Despite the comprehensive rehabilitation, Christian cannot speak; he has no head control and cannot stay seated.

For this reason his parents decided to seek options for treatment outside the country and are now in Guangzhou, China in “Hospital for maternal and child health”, where they received an invitation and an offer from.

A four month course of rehabilitation, the transport and the accommodation cost exceed 25,000 lev which is around £9,000. He will need two courses of treatment per year.


charity-2015-nfsOn the 21-22 October AG team attended the National Fruit Show where we took the opportunity to raise some money for Alexia and Christian by feeding as many people as possible. We are pleased to announce that we managed to raise £660. We want to take the opportunity to thank everyone for their support.

2016 Charity

In 2016 we had the privilege to meet two young people through an international humanitarian organization that was working to rehabilitate orphan children.
AG Recruitment then decided to offer Marius and Florin a work placement in the UK to give them the chance to change their lives.
We are very excited to be part of such an amazing project and wish Marius and Florin the best.

After their season at a farm in Peterborough, Ionut (whom introduced Marius & Florin to AG ) wrote to us the following: ‘ thanks to you and the whole AG team Marius and Florin have started to have clear goals for their lives and are working hard to achieve them. Marius and Florin were orphans from a very young age and had a very hard start in life. The AG team helped them get a new perspective on life, they now feel appreciated and respected like normal people.

AG Recruitment has provided Marius and Florin with an enormous opportunity which has enabled them to redeem their self esteem and dignity, things that were lost in their childhood’.


On the 19-20 October the AG team attended the National Fruit Show and the highlight was the hog roast once again, we would like to thank everyone that made a donation, we managed to raise a total of £510.
We are intending to use this money to continue to support more unprivileged people and offer them the opportunity to work in the UK by covering all the cost involved.