Consultancy / IT / Projects


AG Recruitment offers an advisory service to clients who would like assistance with:

  • Managing and motivating seasonal workers
  • Managing and motivating key staff
  • Cost control of seasonal labour
  • Quality control of harvesting activities
  • Business process and system review / development
  • KPI’s, Financial management
  • Change management
Crop Forecasting Software

AG Recruitment has developed a ‘Crop Forecasting software management tool’ to assist growers with the forecasting of harvest yields.

The software has been successfully trialed and is now in commercial use.

Human Resources Management Software

AG Recruitment is currently developing a ‘HR Management software tool’ that will assist with the administrative tasks and general management of seasonal workers.

The aim of the HR Management tool is to provide a solution to clients that will improve the quality and capability administration related to the management of seasonal labour while reducing the cost of administration.

Under 40’s Committee

The ‘Under 40s Fruit Growers Conference’ is a group of young, enthusiastic fruit growers and industry related specialists who get together and share their experience with other growers/innovators in the industry in order to broaden their knowledge.

Having attended the Under 40’s Fruit Growers Conference in 2015; Estera was asked to support the association by joining the committee as Secretary to help organise the 2017 conference.

In 2017 AG Recruitment & Management will be sponsoring the Under 40’s Fruit Growers Conference.