Key Staff

key_staff3The quality of your key staff and supervisory team is arguably the most important element to managing a productive seasonal labour work force.

That is why employers must monitor the development and progress of their key staff members.

key_staff1Having worked in the industry for quite a few years, we understand that to become an effective key staff member one usually requires firsthand experience to understand and appreciate the practicalities of the environment and the basic fundamentals of the industry.

Therefore we argue; it is the people who are currently working for growers that are most likely going to be filling these important roles in the future.

Looking for Supervisors, Quality Controllers, Line Leaders & Junior managers

key_staff2AG Recruitment aims to help employers recruit people for key staff positions by extensively screening the candidates that we have placed in seasonal positions in the UK.
We will thoroughly screen and test candidates for the specific qualities and skills that are required.

Do not hesitate to let us know if you require any key staff positions to be filled.
We want to help you find the right people to manage your seasonal labour.

Managing and Motivating Key Staff Workers

services-team_building1To build a productive seasonal work force it is very important that the key staff and junior management team demonstrate all the fundamental principles of people and team management.

It is therefore very important that key staff and junior managers are monitored and managed effectively.

The employer needs to ensure that their behaviour is centred on getting the basic principles right, they are focused on the businesses objectives and that they have the opportunity to develop their ability to manage tasks and lead people.

AG Recruitment is able to offer effective management tools and solutions to assist employers in the management of key staff and junior managers.

Team Building Days

Team Building days are an excellent way to kick start the season.
AG offers Team Building Days which consist of a morning tutorial session followed by an afternoon outdoor activity session.
The tutorial session is focused on the principles and theory of people management while the outdoor session is focused on the practical aspects of team working and people management while developing on the principles and theory of the tutorial session.
‘Team Building Days’ are a very good solution to –

  • Bonding the key staff group and creating a good team dynamic
  • Reminding key staff of the basics
  • Building the skill and knowledge of the key staff group
  • Focusing the team on the businesses objectives
  • Providing an outside stimulus that the farm management team can than reinforce and build upon
  • Creating a healthy, positive working environment
  • Facilitating change.
Key staff management and development

training1We deliver key staff training courses that are focused on business processes, people management and leadership. The key staff training course is tutorial based – centred on managing and improving worker performance and developing a positive and healthy working environment.

The AG team is also able to offer advice, guidance and support in the best practices of managing seasonal workers and key staff.