Seasonal Workers

farmers-seasonal1We aim to supply our agricultural clients with seasonal workers that are fit for purpose.

To ensure workers are prepared, purposeful and effective we believe workers must have realistic expectations about the work and the workplace where they will be employed.

The AG team achieves this by using a relevant and effective interview process that is designed to select and then teach and coach workers.

Selection & Teaching

farmers-seasonal2Using our comprehensive process, our first and primary task is to select the right people for the opportunities that are being offered.
During the screening process (a 2 ½ hr interview) AG team takes the opportunity to start preparing and teaching prospective workers.

By using techniques & methods that are designed to engage participants with the skills and behaviour that they require, we create an opportunity to improve their understanding of the environment in which they will be working in.

Teaching & Coaching

All candidates that passed the interview process receive a half day preparation & training course before they leave their home country.

During this training course we aim to equip participants with the basic skills & knowledge that they need to travel to the UK to start working with confidence and purpose; and to appreciate and understand the environment in which they will be working and living in.
This is achieved by engaging workers with a tutorial session, a practical session and a testing session.

During this preparation and training course we also aim to introduce workers to the responsible and sustainable working habits that will help them achieve their goals and contribute to the teams in which they will be working in.

Recruitment Methodology

AG Recruitment & Management is committed to delivering a recruitment process that contributes to helping employees achieve their potential and helps employers manage their businesses.

By working closely with employers we aim to improve and develop the selection process, the training material delivered to participants and the recruitment methodology. We believe this is the route to achieving our goal – the delivery of a comprehensive recruitment service that delivers value to employers and seasonal workers.