Why AG

whyag2AG is a recruitment business that is passionate and committed to understanding the needs of its customers. By working closely with our clients we aim to cultivate and develop a relationship that is open and professional.

AG is a specialist supplier of seasonal labour to the UK agriculture industry.

We pride ourselves on being innovative; we are the only labour provider to offer a comprehensive selection, recruitment and support service that is fully managed from Europe to the UK.

With an office in the UK, 4 offices in Romania and 2 offices in Bulgaria we have more control over the supply chain of labour, allowing us to better manage quality and cost.

whyag1Using our combined industry experience and knowledge, we are committed to developing practical and effective methods of recruitment and labour management that offer more value to employers and seasonal workers.

Our approach is simple:

We ask our clients “What can we do to improve and help?”

And we challenge ourselves “There is more that can be done, what can we do better!”.