How to Apply

Our process is simple; there are 2 stages that you need to complete. If you are the right person for the job you will have a placement in the UK.

First of all you need to contact the office in Bucharest (+40 (0) 314 358 224) or the office in Ruse (+359 (0) 877 619 061 / +359 (0) 898 906 729) to book an interview. You will need to give us your email address before you attend your interview. This is very important – it allows us to confirm your email address. When you attend the interview you will need to bring a copy of your ID, we will take some information and a picture from you for our database. The interview process will take 2 ½ hours to complete.

Candidates will then be contacted (by email) to inform them if they are successful or not.

If you are successful, you will then receive an e mail with the paperwork that you need to fill in. Once we receive the completed paperwork, a criminal record check and you have paid the selected services via bank transfer; your application process is complete.

The next stage requires you to attend a preparation & training course. This course prepares you for your journey to the UK and the working environment in which you will be employed. At the training session you will be given all the information necessary to help you understand what is expected of you when you get to the UK.


To book an interview, call the AG team in Romania on +40 (0) 314 358 224 or in Bulgaria on +359 (0) 877 619 061 / +359 (0) 898 906 729.

You will need to travel to our Romanian or Bulgarian office. Plan to arrive 30 minutes before your interview starts.

AG Recruitment & Management SRL
Strada Popa Lazar Nr 5-25
Sector 2

AG Recruitment & Management SRL
Бизнес Център Авко
Ул. „Иван Ведър” 1
Русе 7013

Recruitment Trips

Usually you are required to attend our Bucharest or Ruse office for an interview however there are opportunities during the autumn and winter when we will travel to different locations around Romania and Bulgaria to save candidates’ time and money so they do not have to travel to our office in Bucharest or Ruse.

The locations and dates we will be traveling to for the 2017 recruitment season are:

  • Bistrita – Romania – 07th, 08th of April
  • Blagoevgrad – Bulgaria – 28th, 29th of March
  • Sofia – Bulgaria – 30th, 31st of March
  • Plovdiv – Bulgaria – 01st, 02nd of April

Please contact the AG Team in Romania on +40 (0) 314 358 224 or in Bulgaria on +359 (0) 877 619 061 / +359 (0) 898 906 729 to book your interview place.