AG is a very good recruitment agency, trustworthy, taking things seriously. I liked their recruitment system. Next year i want to use them again and i will recommend it to all my friends.

Claudiu, 22 years old, Romania

I was very happy with AG’s professionalism and trustworthiness. They are very organised. The training was very useful, it helped me a lot when i got to the farm.

Andrei, 21 years old, Romania

I liked the agency, everything i needed to know was clearly explained to me. The staff members were very good and shared their own UK experience with us.

Mihaita, 21 years old, Romania

I understood about AG from one my friend, who went in the UK with them. I am happy with the preparation and training, which they offer. The website is full with information for people like me, going for first time.

Maria, 26 years old, Bulgaria

I am happy with AG. They gave me a lot of information before I go abroad, which helped me to start there.

Svetoslav, 21 years old, Bulgaria

I find out about AG from friend, who has been in a farm few years, but with different agency. I decided to contact them, because their office is in Ruse and I also live there. My experience so far is very good, because the atmosphere is friendly and all the things going fast.

Deyan, 30 years old, Bulgaria

I think, that the agency is good. Just need small improvement, like anything else.

Hristomir, 31 years old, Bulgaria