We are the only labour provider in the UK to offer a fully integrated selection, recruitment and support service. Through our network of offices – 1 in the UK, 4 in Bulgaria, 4 in Romania, 4 in Russia and 4 in Ukraine – we are in total control of our supply of seasonal labour to the UK agriculture industry, which gives us the platform to better manage people, quality and cost.

Everyone working in these offices works for and is paid exclusively by us and because we don’t use agents, we are able to operate with total transparency at all times.

We are innovative, passionate and committed to understanding the needs of our customers and working closely with both employers and employees, we build open and professional relationships that benefit everyone.


We have used our extensive industry experience and expertise to develop a unique set of practical and effective methods of recruitment and labour management, which consistently deliver the optimum results for UK agriculture businesses, as well the seasonal workers they employ.

AG provides the UK agriculture sector with prepared, capable and effective workers.

Our comprehensive recruitment process carefully selects the right people for the opportunities available.


AG delivers thoroughly screened and tested candidates for our clients’ key staff and supervisory teams.

Our highly focused team, in the UK, Bulgaria, Romania and Ukraine, can provide accurate commentary and analysis to inform your decision making.

AG has developed easy-to-implement solutions that enhance and improve the recruitment-focused administrative functions of our customers.


We can help with all aspects of seasonal farm work, from motivating and managing workers to quality control and business process and system development.


Our own ‘Crop Forecasting’ and ‘Human Resources Management’ software package helps growers to forecast yields more precisely and better match long-range recruitment decisions with expected crop volume.

Apples in Boxes


Our number one objective is to be your reliable source of high-quality labour. It’s our job to listen to you, understand what you need and then find and prepare the best workers for you, exactly when you need them.

We are 100% focused on placing the best possible labour in the right roles in the UK agriculture industry. We also want our workers to achieve their personal goals and through extensive screening and testing, we ensure they are prepared to fulfil their role.

We have proved ourselves to be the best in our business at reacting to fast-changing circumstances. We believe that nothing is impossible and we’ll do everything we can to help our customers, whatever the situation.

Full control of our supply chain means we can be far more responsive than our competition. If you need people, then we’ll do our very best to find them in our network.


  1. Contact us in the UK office, either by telephone or email, to have an initial chat. We’ll need a few details about your business – for example, you must have adequate accommodation on site

  2. Register with us for an annual fee and we’ll help you fill in the paperwork. It’s not that onerous, we promise!

  3. Get cracking! We begin taking orders for each season before the end of the preceding year. Ideally, your recruitment challenge should be out of your hands months in advance.

  4. Through our offices overseas, we will immediately begin our search for the cohort of workers from our pool who best fit your business. We’ll keep in touch with you and update you on progress towards fulfilling your order.

  5. We do willingly help growers at short notice, but detailed advanced planning is crucial. Of course, we recognise that things can change in agriculture. To protect our workers, we have very fair Cancellation Fees in place.


To arrange a consultation or to find out how we can find you the right employees, send us a message.

AG Recruitment will not send you marketing information or sell your details to third parties.