We pride ourselves on being innovative, passionate and committed to understanding the needs of our customers and by working closely with both employers and employees, we are able to cultivate relationships that are both open and professional.

We are the only labour provider to offer a comprehensive selection, recruitment and support service that is fully managed from Europe to the UK via our multiple offices – 1 in the UK, 5 in Romania and 4 in Bulgaria. This means we are able to supply quality seasonal labour to the UK agriculture industry by having control over the supply chain of labour, allowing us to better manage quality and cost.


Using our extensive industry experience and knowledge base. We are committed to developing practical and effective methods of recruitment and labour management, that offers more to employers and seasonal workers.

Provide UK agricultural employers with prepared, effective and capable workers.

Deliver thoroughly screened and tested candidates for client’s key staff and supervisory teams.


Offer solutions to enhance and improve administrative functions of the customer.

We follow a comprehensive recruitment process to select the right people for the opportunities available.

AG can help with all aspects of seasonal farm work, from motivating and managing workers to quality control and business process / system development.


AG Recruitment has developed both a ‘Crop Forecasting’ and ‘Human Resources Management’ software package to assist growers with the forecasting of harvest yields and improve the quality and capability administration.

Apples in Boxes


Our primary goal is to supply our agricultural clients with seasonal and high-quality key workers that are prepared, purposeful and effective. We do this by using our tried and tested techniques & processes that are designed to impart participants with the skills and behaviour that they will require.

We start the recruitment process with a comprehensive screening and interview of prospective workers by our team of trained recruiters. We then start the teaching and preparation that each participant must undergo so that they will have the confidence and knowledge to begin their employment in the UK. An important part of this training includes giving workers realistic expectations about the work and the workplace where they will be employed.

Despite our success we are always striving to improve our selection and recruitment methods. One way in which we do this is by working closely with employers and listening and acting on feedback that they give us.


The quality of your key staff is arguably the most important element to managing a productive seasonal labour work force be that Supervisors, Quality Controllers, Line Leaders or Junior managers.

We understand what it takes to become an effective key staff member and that it is usually someone who has first-hand experience as a seasonal worker. As they understand the practicalities of the environment and the fundamentals of the industry.

AG is uniquely placed to help find these employees, as we have an extensive list of potential candidates we can thoroughly screen and test for the specific qualities and skills that our customers require.

To get the best out of your entire workforce, it is important that your key staff are managed and motivated correctly. From training and development courses to running team building days, AG Recruitment can provide effective management tools and solutions to assist employers in the management of key staff and junior managers.

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