If you are the right person for the job we will find you a placement in the UK.


AG works with well-established farms across the UK to offer a variety of seasonal work.


Our clients are always looking for good people with experience to help manage their businesses.


AG prepares workers with the knowledge and skills they will need to be effective employees in the UK.


We offer a range of cheaper and faster transport options and services for people travelling to the UK.


We can offer continued support to participants once they are in the UK working at a placement.


To ensure that participants get the most out of their work opportunity. AG approaches recruitment in a responsible and professional way that are designed to prepare workers to be effective and purposeful for their employment.

All candidates looking for a seasonal job must first successfully complete a thorough interview.

We have found that this preparation is essential to anyone who is seeking the best possible start to their employment in the UK.


Our clients are always looking for good people to help manage their businesses. That is why every year they come to us to help recruit people to fill these key staff positions.

The key staff positions that typically become available are field supervisors, quality controllers, tractor drivers or other machinery and equipment operators.

If you have the relevant experience working abroad and the personal qualities that will ensure you succeed, than please get in touch with the AG team.


First you will need to either fill out our online application form or contact one of our offices in the UK, Romania or Bulgaria to book an interview.

You can find the office closest to you on our contact us page, they will then help you start the application process. In order to attend an interview, you will need to give us your email address as it allows us to send you your interview confirmation and any other important information.

We also run several presentations around the country to save candidates having to travel to our offices. Contact us to find out when our recruitment team will next be in your area.

The interview process can take up to 2 hours to complete so when you attend the interview, plan to arrive 15 minutes before it is due to start. Please bring your ID as we will need some information and a picture for our database.

If you are successful, you will then receive an email with the paperwork that you need to fill in. Once we receive the completed paperwork and a criminal record check; your application process is complete. You will also have the option to choose one of AG’s optional services – Pastoral Care & Welfare Support, AG’s transport service, Repatriation Insurance and / or Tax Back service.


It depends; most employers in the UK agricultural industry will pay workers using piecework rates therefore the more you pick the more you earn. The current national minimum wage in the UK is £8.72 (from April 2020) if you are 25 years old or more.

A variety of jobs are available from picking, husbandry and packing.

  • AG Recruitment is a high quality and professional recruitment agency serving the UK agricultural industry.
  • AG Recruitment offers a very comprehensive interview process for people seeking work in the UK agricultural industry.

This will ensure that you are prepared with the right expectations, knowledge and skills to be a purposeful and successful worker.

Come and see us and make up your own mind!

  • We have certification from the Romanian and Bulgarian authorities to recruit workers for employment abroad.
  • We have a UK GLA licence, which is required by all agencies’ supplying labour to employers in the UK. (licence number AGRE0001)
  • We are members of the ALP (Association of Labour Providers) in the UK.
  • We have over 20 years experience working in the UK agricultural industry and can tell you everything you need to know about working in the UK.

All new candidates will complete an interview. The first part is a group discussion. The interview can take up to 2 hours.

Your ID or your Passport

For more information on how to apply, please click here.

You can find the details relating to AG Recruitment’s office locations and phone numbers on the Contact Us page on the website.

AG will be holding presentations and interviews in various cities in Bulgaria and Romania. Have a look at our Facebook Page for our upcoming events.

Most employers supply accommodation for workers to live in while they are working for them in the UK. The cost of this accommodation varies from employer to employer, however £59.50 (from April 2020) is approximately what you can expect to pay per person per week, excluding gas and electricity.

No, however it will certainly help.

Workers need to be 18 years old, there is no maximum age but due to the physical nature of the jobs available we recommend that you are under 50 years old.

AG offers 3 different placements starting from 12 weeks.

You will usually work five – six days per week, crop, weather and customer demand permitting.

The hours worked per week will vary with the weather and time of the year. During most weeks you should be working between 30 and 50 hours per week.

  • Waterproof jacket, trousers and boots
  • Sleeping bag and bedding
  • ID or Passport, placement certificate
  • £150 for the 2 weeks – for food and basic living needs
  • Alarm clock
  • Strong work ethic

AG offers an optional transport service to help you arrive at the UK farm where you will be working. There are 2 options:

  • A flight and transfer from the airport
  • A licensed overland minibus / bus

Both are organised, hassle free, competitive in price!