We have used our extensive industry experience and expertise to develop a unique set of practical and effective methods of recruitment. These consistently deliver the optimum results for international businesses and the international staff they employ.

AG Sources and prepares capable and effective workers.

Our thorough recruitment process carefully selects the right people for the opportunity available


AG delivers thoroughly screened and tested candidates for our clients key staff roles.

Our highly focussed team in the Uk, Bulgaria, Romania and Ukraine can provide accurate information and analysis to supoort your decision making.

AG has created user friendly solutions that enhance and improve the administrative functions related to recruitment for our customers.


We can help with all aspects of staff management. From Motivation, business processes and system development.

Why choose AG Recruitment

Save time and money by outsourcing your recruitment. This will not only alleviate your workload and save costs, but also ensure you have a suitable workforce. Our services eliminate bureaucratic processes including obtaining work permits and visas as well as liaising with agencies in the countries of residence.

Sourcing the international workforce you need

We acknowledge the importance of your businesses steady growth and respect your time. With our assistance you can propel your projects forward and achieve success outperforming your competitors. Our services include accessing an extensive database of qualified candidates who are best suited to your needs. We also offer candidate references, filmed work examples, interviews and training to ensure that you assemble the finest team available.

Long term partnership

We are delighted to witness the return of clients seeking our international recruitment services, it shows us we are performing well. We guarantee the replacement of any employee who falls short of meeting client expectations, without any extra charges. We actively contribute to facilitating the seemless integration of people into your business environment.


Our number one objective is to be your reliable source of high quality staff. It is our job to listen and understand your needs and then find and prepare the best people for you. We are 100% focussed on placing the best possible people in the right role for them and their employer. We want them to achieve their goals and through extensive screening and testing we ensure they are fully prepared for their new position.

We have a proven record of being the best in the business at reacting to fast changing circumstances.

We believe that nothing is impossible and will do everything we can to bring value to our customers, whatever the circumstances. If you need people we can find them for you.


  1. Submit the Contact us form so we can reach out. We will discuss your business needs and job vacancies.
  2. Register with AG - sign the agreement between our companies - so we can get to work. Nothing onerous we promise!
  3. Let us do the hard work of selecting the best people for your business.
  4. We will always be on hand to update you on progress.